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The Rankings... What are they, and what do they mean? Empty The Rankings... What are they, and what do they mean?

Fri Jun 04, 2021 6:58 am
The Rankings... What are they, and what do they mean? Beach-2467254_1280

Your "Ranking" is not what we think of you.
Nor is it a reflection of your personality, or even a reflection of how popular you are.
It is, however, a status symbol.
An accurate reflection of your status here in the Ama-Zone.
It is based upon your post count, the number of posts you have posted on the Ama-Zone
You start, before you have registered with us, as a Guest, at the rank of "Guest".
As a Guest, you cannot post, and therefore, your Rank will never advance beyond "Guest" while you remain unregistered.
So, the best way to remedy that, is to register.
It's quick, and easy, and will only take a couple of minutes of your time.
Once you are registered with us, you will start your journey here with us, just like everybody else, again, at the Rank of: "Seen It Once".
This is based on being an Amazon shopper. All the Ranks are based on being an Amazon shopper.
So, you have "Seen It Once" refers to you having seen Amazon once, before you were a regular customer, so probably have never used it. Yet.
The next rank up is 20 posts away.
Every post you make (Within The Rules, as all posts not within the rules will be removed, and will not count toward your Rank) will add 1 to your Post Count.
When that Post Count hits 20, you progress to the next rank.
The next rank is... well, you'll just have to find out when you post 20 posts.
Every 20 posts that you make, thereafter, progresses your Rank to the next level, giving you a new status, and a new Ranking Title.
Ranking has other perks, and not just a fancy new Ranking Title.
At 20 posts, some of the Forum will become unlocked, that was previously out of bound for you,
giving you more to read, post, and react to.
Another post landmark occurs at 200 posts, when you gain access to another section of the forum, that was previously out of bounds for you.
If you manage to progress your rank all the way to 2000 posts, the whole of the forum, mostly, will open up to you, giving you total freedom to read, post, and react to, everything there is to see on the Ama-Zone.
Of course, you can always pay for a Gold Ama-Zonian title to bypass this post grind, giving you full access at any time, after paying the very reasonable subscription fee.
No matter what your post count, there will always be something to aim for, as there could be something beyond, that will take something special to unlock.
So, enjoy your time here, and watch out for your post count ticking over to a new rank, after every 20 posts.
It will always be Amazon related, and describe part of the journey in being an Amazon customer.

Thank you for reading this post.
You can add a post to your post count by posting a witty response, a reaction, or a related post below.
I look forward to hearing from you...

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The Rankings... What are they, and what do they mean? AhCvBLc

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