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*** You Must Read This First*** Empty *** You Must Read This First***

Thu May 27, 2021 11:36 pm
*** You Must Read This First*** ACZD2P5

Hello New Person.

It's lovely to meet you.

This is just to let you know that you are very welcome here.
But, while you are a new, and very special young Ama-Zonian, you are restricted in what you can see, and what you can do.
You cannot post in any of the forums apart from this one, Welcome Aboard, and the All Ama-zonian Users, the News, Q & A, and the Technical Forums.
You will be confined to these forums until your post count reaches at least 20 posts.
So kick back, say hello, say hello to a few other new Ama-Zonians, tell us about a few stories, or products you have experienced  with Amazon, and get that post count all the way up past the magic 20 post mark, while getting to know the place a little better.
We're glad you are here.
Read the Rules, follow them, and we'll get on just fine.
Lovely to meet you, once again.

Good luck here, and thank you for visiting the Ama-Zone.

Dom, May 2021.
Edinburgh. (Sunny, with patchy clouds.)

Your Friendly Local Moderator ™️ Being An Ass-Hat SInce April 2021 ®️.
*** You Must Read This First*** AhCvBLc

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