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Mon May 24, 2021 12:54 am
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The Ama-Zone was created by the two founding members : Dom (dommcq) and Ste.(Steve255).
It was created to try and replicate the lost Amazon forums of old, where people could get together to discuss products they have reviewed, products they loved, products they hated, and all levels of products in between

The Ama-Zone is a pretty cheap place to kick about in.
It is possible to progress through all the ranks, to gain full access to the board, without spending a penny.
You will have to be very active in your posting though, with the forums opening up at 200 posts, then 2000 posts, for different levels of access.

A full subscription, to get full access to the whole board, is very reasonable, at only £5 per year.
This introductory price will not be around for very long, so take advantage while you can, and get your subscription in for a whole year, now.
This super-charged paid entry into the whole forum, gets you access to all the exclusive content, including access to our Vine members, and all the knowledge and experience that they bring to the party.
You can ask them questions, get them to look at your reviews, and even make friends with some of the Top 1000 reviewers in the whole of the UK.
You get a lot for your £5, only here on the Ama-Zone, unlike our rivals, who are charging up to £40 a year for similar access to content that isn't even fit to lace up our shoe laces.

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