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How "Green" Are You...? Empty How "Green" Are You...?

Wed Jun 16, 2021 6:19 am

Welcome aboard, once again.
This post is to establish what level you are working at.
If you have visited, used, and posted on many forums before, you think you can probably skip this post.
And chances are... You probably could.
But... Just like an aeroplane's safety announcement, even frequent fliers should still pay attention, and watch out for anything new, or any changes that they were not aware of,
Choose your level of Green-ness and read the bits you think are applicable to you.
You never know... you might learn something that you missed the first time around...

So, if you are VERY green, you are going to need a few things explained.
A few words you might want to know about...
Topic. This refers to any top level post, that makes a new subject to talk about, debate, and add new posts to.
Post. This doesn't refer to your mail, in here. No. It refers to any replies to a Topic, or the first "post" in a Topic, that adds detail to the topic title, with a longer explanation, and more flesh on the bones of the Topic title. Any further additions to the subject are called posts, with each new user adding their posts to the discussion, or topic, underneath the last user who posted.

If you are not so very green, and have been around forums before, you could probably help out with your own hints and tips, and use this post as an exersise in getting you post count up.
Share your knowledge, and help us out to create this Green Users Guide to Forums.
All submissions will be reviewed, and added to this guide, if they are helpful, clean, and within the rules...

This is a work in progress...
Please post any further terms, words, or phrases you wish to have explained below....

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How "Green" Are You...? AhCvBLc

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